Remote extension with parallel hunt group



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  • Brian BIRD

    Not sure if you are connected to an OXO or and OXE system. The user experience with webrtc calls in a hunt group in an OXO is not a good one.

    Here is some information I found in regards to OXE.

     Rainbow client can be included in an OXE Hunting Group.

    • Thanks to the integration of the Rainbow client through a Remote Extension (REX),
    • Cyclic and sequential mode supported, parallel mode is not supported,
    • Pick up call only from the Rainbow client user interface,
    • Not possible to log-in/log-out to/from a OXE Hunting group, no supervision on the group…
    • Pay attention that if the Rainbow user is busy in a pure Rainbow conversation, he is seen available from the PBX perspective.
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  • Claire DECHRISTE

    As Brian wrote, parallel hunt groups are not supported today.

    However the capability to support parallel groups on OXE are under study and might be delivered in the coming months.


    Claire Dechristé

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  • Yuly MILNER

    Any update to this topic?

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  • Cyprien BUTRUILLE


    Any update?

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