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  • Jean-Luc BOUSSEL

    Hi Nick
    #1: we'reworking on it
    #2 currently only a company directory is available, but we're working on a personal directory
         And adding a contact to it will be easier
    #3 I suppose you mean have only silent notification, because we'll not posponed IM messages 
    #4 Good point
    #5 sorry I don't catch, can you elaborate
    JL Boussel

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  • Nick NANOS

    Hi Jean-Luc,

    Thank you for your reply.

    It is good to hear about points 1&2, any timeframe when this will occur?

    Point 3, the client is suggestng as per a voice call, DND routes the calls away from them so no need to answer. If you can't prevent notification of IM, then silent notification would be great feature, as an alert tone is anoying especially wearing a headset.

    Point 5,  for eg a business is listed in your company directory

    If you search the business name in people it is found and you have the dial option

    If you search by company nothing is found, it would make sense if you create a business in the directory, that you can search under company the business and dial from it.

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