Rainbow status is set to DND when application is launched with system automatically



  • Luis ROSALES

    Hello Karthik,

    I will contact you by Rainbow, to check your issue.


    Best regards,

    Luis Rosales.

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  • Stephan STEINER

    You're not the only one. They tell me it's a known bug. I hope it gets resolved soon since when you are in that status, you cannot even change back manually.

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  • Ruud MARTENS

    Same here, only after manual restart of Rainbow its possible to change the presence status. 

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  • Zac

    Same problem here. My customer does not want to fully deploy Rainbow because of this bug. Could you please provide us an update about this problem ?

    Best regards

    Zacharie Levavasseur

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  • Claire DECHRISTE

    Hello Zacharie,

    This problem was fixed several months ago.

    Best regards,

    Claire Dechristé

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