[URGENT] Unable to install new version of rainbow



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    Have you got a chance to install your Rainbow application?

    For your information, another user had the same issue, a solution was found.

    I invite you to have a look at:

    Globally, it is needed to clean registry.

    In case you still encountered such issue, please let me know, we'll go deeper in analyze.

    Best regards,


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  • Brian BIRD

    Hello Christophe. This has happened to me before. The simplest thing to do is to uninstall Rainbow on the PC that is having the issue and reinstall it. You will not lose anything.

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  • Exploitation UBALDI

    Hi Brian,

    Thank you for your answer !

    The problem is that the software is already uninstalled when I try to install the new version...

    I looked for some registry keys or hidden folders but nothing allowed me to install.

    Do you have another idea ? It's very critical for our users...

    Thank you by advance !

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