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    Claire DECHRISTE

    Hello Dirk,

    As stated in the feature list: 

    It is possible to control the Dect handset using Rainbow web or desktop clients (click to call), but VoIP service and Nomadic modes are not available.

    This is a restriction on PBX side, as a DECT, WLAN or Analog set cannot be declared as main desk phone in multi-device scenario. As far as I know, there is no plan to change this.

    However, I am going to migrate your post into "Features Suggestions" section.

    Best regards,
    Claire Dechristé

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  • Geert-Agfa GOOS

    Hello Dirk ,


    I have the same problem . 

    As a workaround i gave the remote extension the Phone number of the dect set and put the Dect in supervision on the Remote extension .

    Do you have another solution ?





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