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  • Brian BIRD

    Hi Sebastien

    We are also having the same issue. It has been that way for us since November. The Rainbow meeting screen does not refresh once you enter a conference so there is no way to share the screen or control the participants. We were told last night there was a resolution but we still have the problem.

    We have a call open with Rainbow support - it would be good if you could log one as well.




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  • Claire DECHRISTE


    I could not reproduce these issues with my personal conference bridge. I could connect normally using computer audio or by dialing-in. Screen sharing was also ok.

    The best would be to send your application logs to our support team or even directly to me through Rainbow. We will have a look at this problem.

    Best regards,

    Claire Dechristé


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  • Brian BIRD

    Hi Claire and thanks for the response. We have been working with Luis since November with this issue, we supplied full screen shots and logs again last week. Hopefully we can figure this out soon.

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