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  • Mikaël Lopes hizo un comentario,

    Hi Elzo, In the case of an OoO you could have the integration of your agenda that will automatically show the OoO message in Rainbow. I hope that this helps ;)  Best regards, Mike

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    Continue usage during updates

    It would be nice to be able to continue using the app during the updates. Even if the updates don't take to long the user shouldn't reintroduce his password.

  • Mikaël Lopes creó una publicación,

    Pin Bubbles and Contacts on Top of the List


    In order to maintain certain bubbles or contact (person, chatbots,...) on top of the list we could be able to pin them.  As the list is evolving and getting longer every day with new bubbles and co...

  • Mikaël Lopes creó una publicación,

    Sharing my Location with my Contacts Through Rainbow


    In the digital work space where flex desk is the new way of working what about locating your colleagues or partners? Every one is reluctant of having their location shared at all the time but what ...