Show caller name for incomming calling line IDs which aren´t administrated in Rainbow


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    must have

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    Customers miss this
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  • Nicolai BLONNER

    really mandatory feature. Thought this would work with the outlook connector but it doesn't! please support

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  • Tamas MESZAROS

    We are waiting it for a long time


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  • André RAMM

    We need that for the outlook connected devices also for mobile clients, like Android and IOS mobiles

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  • Andreas HEISE


    I've an Enterprise licence and use the outlook integration when the number is stored as e164 format in my Outlook contact then the identification is working.



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  • Nicolai BLONNER

    even if I change to canonical format the callers are not always identified with Outlook plugin.

    It should be easy to change the plugin (take the code from OpenTouch!) for conversion of the numbers.

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  • Christof HORN

    @Nicolai Blonner:

    that's a problem with our PBX which is based in France (+33). So we have a problem to resolve incoming numbers (starting with +49). In principle it works ;-)


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    I saw icoming numbers which looked absolutely the same as i wrote them in outlook, so i thought the feature is missing. Maybe the numbers look the same but aren´t the same format in detail. 

    I think about open a service request, but probaby our IT can´t solve it, because of our individual PBX-config.

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  • Ruben SIEGRIST

    Ralf, how are you?


    I gently ask you, and all our friends in this post, to have a look into these 2 posts:

    1. In this one, we find how Rainbow works through AD, PBX and Rainbow users, to retrieve 'real users' from incoming telephony calls. Andreas' post, above, complements it with Outlook personal contacts list.

    From what is already available, you should have gotten success by now. If not, I gently ask you to open a ticket with Rainbow support team.

    2. And, at this one, you all can see that ALE already developed a simple CTI integration, sending parameters (the so interested "caller.phoneNumber" is already there) to an 3rd application developed by yourselves. Maybe it helps and aggregate valuable info to this post.

    Wish you success,


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