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  • Brian BIRD

    Hello Hirai

    I have to admit, I am not completely sure of everything you are trying to accomplish there. The way that a company is allowed to view another company is based on the privacy settings of the company and of the individuals. There are four categories of visibility that can be used.

    Here is the link to the support article that explains each of the Visibility settings - I hope it helps.

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  • Hirai Kengo


    Thank you .

    I have read Visibility article , but none of public,private , closed and isolated are not suitable for the situation.
    I understand I need to explain my request with more concrete information. So when it becomes mandatory , I will post it again. 

    I think the customer needs to make a rule/policy instead of manage it by the system.


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  • Andreas HEISE

    Hello Hirai,

    if you speak about company management, you can create 3 companies for A, B and C and link them to an organization ABC then admin of company A can be defined as organization admin to allow him to manage B and C additional to his own company. 

    Creation of an organization can be only done by the support team and need a premium service plan.

    To define the visibility between companies the visibleBy parameter is used.   



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  • Hirai Kengo

    Hi Andreas

    This is the one what I am looking for.
    I will study Premium service plan,

    Thank you so much!


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