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  • Matteo Kotch criou uma publicação,

    Rainbow Bubble 'Listen Only' mode

    Recently, I was asked to deliver some webinars on behalf of one of our partners last week and I encountered a continuous issue with a few of the attendees. Given how the people who were attending t...

  • Matteo Kotch criou uma publicação,

    Un-archive Bubbles

    Hi,  When you archive a Bubble, it is impossible to 'un-archive' it making this feature essentially pointless.  As a use-case, I was recently asked to deliver a webinar through a bubble, but by mis...

  • Matteo Kotch criou uma publicação,

    Enable a user to change from 'Private' to 'Public' themselves

    Hi,  One of our partners in the UK has provided us with some feedback regarding enabling users to change their accounts from 'Private' to 'Public' or vice versa themselves. For example, if I belong...

  • Matteo Kotch criou uma publicação,

    Transfer Organiser Role when Scheduling a Meeting:

    Right now, the way it works at one of our customers' sites is that receptionists and assistants schedule the Rainbow meetings on behalf of the directors and managers. However, the problem with this...

  • Matteo Kotch criou uma publicação,

    Change wording in Bubble invitation email

    Right now, many of our customers are complaining that when they invite external guests to join a Bubble these external guests have been reluctant/struggling to join the call as they don't understan...

  • Matteo Kotch comentou,

    Hey @Christophe,  Following on from the above comments, could you please let us know what the status of this is? Had a meeting with our key distributor in the UK and they see this as being a key fe...

  • Matteo Kotch criou uma publicação,

    Separate Rainbow messages by date

    When I am in a Bubble and I have a number of unread messages, when I click on that Bubble, the most recent message appears, forcing me to have to scroll up to the last message I read. Given how mes...

  • Matteo Kotch criou uma publicação,

    Differentiate Audio/Video or VoIP Calls in the Mobile Application

    Use case is that user A was out of office one day and he received a call to his desk phone from user B to see if there were any parking spaces near the office. However, because user A was not in th...

  • Matteo Kotch criou uma publicação,

    Schedule Bubble's Audio/Video Conferences


    I would like to be able to schedule a Bubble meeting.  I am aware of the Outlook integration and the ability to schedule a conference bridge, however, I would also like to option of scheduling a Bu...

  • Matteo Kotch comentou,

    Hey Bjorn, the Newsfeed is already available on Android. iOS should be coming soon! :) Hope this helps!